Summa Gold, a leading company in the mining sector, adopts Oracle ERP Cloud as a tool for its future growth

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Publication date: April 13, 2024 (see Oracle blog)
Client: Summa Gold Corp.

Client Description:

Summa Gold Corp. manages exploration, extraction, processing, and commercialization of gold, aiming for safe and responsible operations by implementing best industry practices. Known for innovation and strategic planning, their vision is to become a world-class company.

  • It is a company recognized for investing in innovation and strategic planning for all its operations, with a clear vision: to become a world-class company.

“We create value by executing sustainable and future-proof projects, aligned with criteria based on respect for our employees and the social environment, environmental care, safety, and financial discipline. Under these standards, we develop our ISABELITA Operation.”

  • Industry Type: Mining.
  • Main Products or Services: Explores, extracts, processes, and commercializes gold.
  • Geography or Areas of Operations: Mining operation located in the district of Huamachuco, Sánchez Carrión province, La Libertad department.


The client required a world-class ERP for reliable accounting in both soles and dollars, and needed to migrate their servers to the cloud for enhanced information security, operational continuity, and infrastructure optimization.


Neora successfully implemented Oracle ERP Cloud and Peruvian localizations for finance and logistics, including:

  • Finance modules (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, Fixed Assets, General Ledger, Supplier Portal) and Logistics modules (Procurement Self-Service, Purchasing, Contracts, Negotiations, Inventory)
  • Installation, configuration, and deployment of localizations developed by NEORA for Peru (compliance with Peruvian tax regulations)
  • Integration with electronic invoicing service providers in Peru
  • Integration with the client’s payroll system
  • Report development based on project needs
  • User training workshops for functionalities and developments implemented
  • Detailed documentation for configuration, testing, and installation of technical components required for module and localization operation in production
  • IT team training for proper ERP functionality
  • Close monitoring of all Service Requests (SR) registered as part of the project


Summa Gold now operates with Oracle ERP CLOUD, ranked first in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, enabling transactions since January 2023 and completing adoption by April 2024. This ensures compliance with logistics and accounting operations, and Peruvian tax requirements. As a SaaS application, the solution is constantly updated with new and improved functionalities, including localizations, ensuring capacity, control, continuity, and improved application availability during daily operations.

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